ELITE TRAILER'S team of engineers and highly talented craftsman work together to build and manufacture high quality trailers, mobile units, and works spaces to increase the longevity of your unit and retain value in your investment.

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New Elite Models in 2017The WranglerThe Wrangler Stock, Stock Combo and Stock Combo Plus

Our Wrangler Bumperpull Trailers are built for customers seeking a quality, lighter duty trailer. The Wrangler Bumperpull Trailer gives customers choices that are not only competitive in price and quality, but include the same attention to detail you expect from Elite Trailers.







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Superlooper Magazine Features Elite Trailers


For those in the livestock business, Elite Trailers is well known for high quality horse and livestock trailers. Celebrating their 20th year, Elite Trailers owners, Wayne Purser and Robert Walters, goal remains the same: to build the best aluminum trailers for people who use them hard everyday… Download the PDF to Read More

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Elite Custom Semi Trailers


Elite Trailers recently completed two custom semi type trailers.  The first was a 22 horse, polo type trailer with dividers, the second was a floor type, livestock trailer, designed to haul a variety of livestock types.  These trailers are great examples of the workmanship that you expect from Elite Trailers.  

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Elite Trailer Manufacturing shared Stillwater Trailer Sales, LLC's photo. ...

Another epic Elite with a Trail Boss Conversion hits the road, Missouri bound! We appreciate your business!

Well said Mike Rowe. ...

Apparently, it’s National Agricultural Day. Personally, I’m not sure it’s reasonable to carve off a whole day to recognize the 1.5% of our population who somehow manage to feed 300 million people three times a day. Seems like two or three days would be more appropriate. Hell, maybe a whole week. I’ve been thinking today, not just of the farmers who keep me fed, but of the ranchers as well. Right now, thousands of people are going through a kind of hell that’s hard to comprehend. The fires in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado are being called The Katrina of the High Plains. I have friends in Kansas who told me they spent much of last week shooting their livestock – putting countless maimed cows and steers out of their unspeakable misery. Why this hasn’t dominated the national headlines is equally baffling. The sacrifices made by the people who feed us are too numerous to list, and beyond my ability to articulate. Paul Harvey got it right though, back in 1978, when he addressed The Future Farmers of America. Dodge turned his remarks into a commercial, but it’s still worth a listen, no matter what you drive…

This is the first of six Mobile Training Labs that we are building for Love's. They will be used to train their service technicians on servicing certain systems. Look for them up and down the road! #elitetrailers ...

Check out what is happening on the horse trailer side of things! And while you do that, make sure and like Elite Trailer Manufacturing to keep up with things there! ...

Good morning! We have a new option for side ramps on side load trailers! The top trailer has our conventional ramp with skin and the bottom trailer has our new slatted side ramp. What do you think and which would you prefer? Like, comment, & share! #elitetrailers

Your Manufacturer of Elite Aluminum Trailers

Since opening the doors over 20 years ago, Elite Trailers has set out to do one thing, manufacture the highest quality aluminum horse trailers, livestock trailers, motorsport trailers and specialty units on the market. For nearly two decades, the success of Elite's professionally made units has fueled the desire and passion of it's highly skilled engineers and craftsman to continue building upon the foundation of superior products and customer satisfaction.

Exponential growth in the first 8 years for Elite Trailers warranted a new 250,000 square foot manufacturing and service warehouse. Along with a new facility, investments in computerized tooling allowed for faster builds and quicker turn around times. The precision of these tools allowed for more accurate measurements, tighter fits, and an overall better quality product.

With the forethought for customer satisfaction and an ability to meet customer needs, Elite has created what can only be described as a unique difference. All the luxury you deserve, in a product that will maintain it's value over time.

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