Structure and Construction

Structure is the most important factor in building a trailer. Structure determines the longevity, durability, and usability of the trailer. To keep components working at a high level of performance, the trailer foundation needs to be strong. Constructing the foundation, we use a welded structure throughout the frame. In addition to the welding, we utilize stainless steel huck fasteners and solid core rivets where necessary.

Roof Construction

1" x 2 1/2" arched roof bows with one piece, .040" thick 3003 H16 aluminum roof sheet.

Aluminum Sidewall Construction

6005 T6 aluminum alloy posts with 7" posts at the drop wall, 5" x 1 3/8" at doors and dividers, and 1 3/8" x 2 1/2" for all other side wall structure posts.

The exterior, 6063 aluminum interlocking extruded slat is .125 thick. Exterior smooth sheets are a 3004 aluminum alloy with a H291 temper and thickness of up to .063".

Top Rail

Continuous 5" radius rail with an overall height of 8" and a material thickness of 3/16" with an integrated drip rail.

Drop Gusset

3/16" thickness, welded one piece gussets which add structure to provide maximum nose strength.

Drop Wall

3/16" thickness with an engineered break on the top and bottom adds strength and allows for a cleaner weld area to ensure against leakage.

Rear Frame

The rear frame is supported by a 2 1/2" x 5" upper header at a 1/4" thickness. For added strength, the rear frame side post is integrated through the floor into the bottom rail.


Elite's floor structure consists of 4" I beams with an upper 2 1'2" flange and a lower 3" flange on 12" centers. Elite utilizes a .125" thick, 5052 marine grade sheet floor on top of the structure.

Sample images are shown in various trailer sizes with additional options and features.