There are numerous aluminum trailer manufacturers, but only one that can give you the style, ruggedness and luxury you deserve.

The Elite Difference


Our heritage has always been to be the go to name in custom aluminum horse and livestock trailers by producing the highest quality trailer built with the luxury you can only expect from an Elite, every day. We let the quality and brand speak for itself and will never compromise on the quality of our materials or the safety and comfort of our customers and their livelihood.

In 1994, our founders, two veterans of the horse and livestock trailer business, set out to lay the foundation for what would later become Elite Trailer Manufacturing. Recognizing the need for a quality product with rugged durability and lasting value that was not yet being provided in the industry. The company in 1995, settled into a one building warehouse with eight employees who built trailers synonymous to the name Elite.

Experience and Pride

Elite Trailer Manufacturing is located in Southwest Oklahoma City, just 10 minutes from the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds and Will Rogers World Airport. Situated in a substantial and growing industrial district, Elite’s trailers are manufactured with the precision and leading-edge technology that precedes every trailer that leaves our state of the art facility. Producing the highest quality aluminum trailer, designed and built with the passion and dedication, we place our trailer and customers first above all other concerns. Elite continues to lead the future because of its commitment to excellence as reflected in “The Elite Difference.” An Elite trailer culminates into one of the most robust, easily serviceable and truly custom trailers; right down to the places most people never see.

We Build Dreams

Elite puts the “custom” in customer. We do not seek to please every trailer owner but do seek to please each individual with a single trailer. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality. What you want is a trailer that perfectly fits your needs as well as your lifestyle. That’s where we come in and this is why we continue to see repeat customers who are on their third and fourth trailers. The more experience you have with trailers, the more you’ll appreciate your Elite.


As ranchers, equestrians and cattlemen ourselves, our trailers are time tested and evolve through our own use and feedback from our family of Elite trailer owners as we innovate rather than compete. Our focus has always been about our customers and their needs, not what our competition is doing. We seek to make the ease and use of our trailers as reliable and solid as the folks who buy them.

Quality Control

Every trailer is visually inspected by trained quality control agents during every step of the manufacturing process. By manufacturing most of the trailers components in house, we have an inherent quality control advantage. This acute attention to detail ensures greater reliability, safety, and customer satisfaction. Other than a few major components, virtually every part of an Elite is designed and manufactured in our own facility.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Exponential growth from the production of the world’s finest custom aluminum trailers warranted an investment for a facility that would continue that growth and allow for the efficient production of custom horse and livestock trailers.

Elite’s modern manufacturing facility with over 250,000 square feet houses production, service and warehouse space under one roof and is equipped with the latest technology and machinery. Computerized tooling and machinery allows Elite to efficiently produce each trailer, custom or standard, to improve the fit of each part, a more unified structure with greater strength and integrity, and a finish that is second to none.

Total Focus

Continuous development with innovative details is the hallmark of a leading-edge company and every trailer represents Elite’s unyielding commitment to building a better trailer every day.

Front and Center

New products and options are the pulse of an innovative production driven company. Elite has the most superior built trailer in the industry and new products and options are being introduced regularly. We pledge to produce trailers that are as solid as the folks who buy them.

Better Investment

Top-shelf engineering, quality materials and superior production processes enables Elite Trailers to deliver value with a long-lasting investment, not only when you are using, but at resale time as well.

Resale Value

Elite’s diligent engineering and quality materials allows for a long-lasting structure that continues to do work, year after year. When it comes time to upgrade your trailer, rest assured that you return on your investment is well founded. The demand for an Elite remains high, even with used units. You should expect your Elite to maintain its value and you can also expect to sell it more quickly than other trailers you may be considering.

Customer Service

We don’t just build trailers; Elite Trailers is committed to a one-of-a-kind ownership experience. Experienced service personnel with an intimate knowledge of every trailer stands behind every trailer we build. You will never go to work alone when you own an Elite. If you find yourself needing help with a problem or just have a question, we will greet you with a can-do answer. After all, we expect to be doing business with you for a long time. We will focus on solutions to help you as quickly as possible, no matter your need. Our service staff is not only limited to the Elite brand, we service and repair all makes and models of aluminum trailers.

The Elite Family

Elite owners are more than just another customer, you become a member of our Elite family. Like any good family, we stay connected, supportive, and ready to help; no matter the distance or time between us. After you receive your Elite trailer, you will find Elite family members anywhere your pursuits take you. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your trailer and welcoming you to the family.


We have added new and exciting products that complement our Elite trailers. Elite Motorsports trailers are designed, engineered and crafted with the finest materials as our custom Elite trailers. Our Cargo and Specialty trailers are built to any standard and necessity from oil field industry specific trailers to food trucks, mobile offices, vending and hospitality trailers, broadcast, truck bodies, utility trailers and more. No matter your need, at Elite Trailers, you are assured one stop shopping and will enjoy the absolute bliss of taking delivery of your new Elite trailer.

Lead Not Follow

Elite raises the bar by incorporating the best in design and performance. See for yourself why Elite craftsmanship and rugged performance are the standards by which other trailers are judged. Our attention to detail is as evident in our trailers as it is in the workmanship of those who build them. Please contact your closest dealer in our expansive dealer network or call us to arrange a factory tour at your convenience and experience first-hand “The Elite Difference.”


Structure is the most important factor in the success of a trailer. The structure has to be solid to allow components to work at a high level throughout years of hard use. Elite engineers each trailer to provide strength at crucial structural areas and utilizes the best materials to insure longevity, durability and usability of a trailer.

Top Rails

5" Radius rail, with an overall height of 8" and a material thickness of 3/16" with integrated drip rail.

Side Walls

6005 T6 Aluminum alloy posts at the drop wall, 5" x 1-3/8" at doors and dividers, and 2-1/2" x 1-3/8" for all other structure posts. The exterior, 6063 aluminum interlocking extruded slat is .125" thick. Exterior smooth sheets are a 3004 aluminum alloy with an H291 temper and thickness of up to .063".

Rear Frame

The rear frame is supported by a 2-1/2" x 5" upper header with a 1/4" post thickness with a 5" or 8" rear corner post (based on trailer width). The rear upper header is reinforced at the upper corners with massive gussets huck bolted to the rear corner post for added strength. The rear corner posts are integrated through the floor into the bottom rail and are machine cut to provide a clean, precise fit resulting in a superior rear structure.


The floor structure consists of 4" (3" on Low Pro Bumper Pulls) I-beams with an upper 2-1/2" flange welded to the floor and a lower 3" flange welded to the bottom rail on 12" centers (9-5/8" centers on stock trailers). Horse trailers utilize a .125" thick, 5052 marine grade sheet floor, and stock trailers use a 5086 marine grade tread plate floor. Marine grade flooring is chosen for it's corrosion resistance to provide longer lasting protection against factors such as animal urine.

Roof Construction

Arched 1" x 2-1/2" roof bows on 24" centers with a one piece, 3003 H16, 0.040" thick, aluminum roof sheet secured with solid core, buck rivets.

  • Nose Assembly5" x 1-3/8" upright posts and 4" aluminum I-beam structure under the gooseneck floor. Elite utilizes multiple steel coupler assemblies and nose reinforcement based on trailer size and capacity. Bumper pull trailers utilize a steel coupler assembly that is huck bolted to trailer frame to provide superior support.
  • Drop Gusset3/16" thickness, welded one piece gussets which add structure to provide maximum nose strength.
  • Drop Wall3'16" thickness, with an engineered break on top and bottom adds strength and allows for a cleaner weld area to ensure against leakage.


Elite Trailers utilizes only the best construction methods for attaching structures and components.

Elite is known for their quality welds. There are multiple steps that Elite takes to ensure the welds are of the highest quality and strength. This includes tumbling and cleaning raw materials, to machining structural posts to ensure proper fit and tolerance. Elite's welds fuse materials together and don't rely on the slag material of welding to be the structure. Solid core buck rivets are used to attach smooth side skins and roof sheet to the trailer. This rivet allows for a tighter, more compressed fit, eliminating skin movement and leakage. This method is stronger and more durable than other methods such as tape, glue, or hollow core rivets. Elite utilizes huck fasteners with stainless steel caps versus coated fasteners that rust.


The components of an Elite Trailer are unmatched in the industry. Components are designed and built to be user friendly and provide a safe, quiet and secure environment for all horses and livestock.

Elite's components have been developed to deliver long lasting operation and ease of use. Extensive research on components ensures that they will provide longevity, safety and reliability.

Exclusive Elite components like our gates, are engineered with heavy duty, proprietary extrusions and constructed for maximum strength. Utilizing welded hinges with brass bushings on our gates provides a stronger and quieter ride for your animals. Our dual locking slam latch with stainless interior and exterior releases offers more security and safety to your animals as well. Other components such as our gate rails and slide gates have been developed to deliver long lasting operation and ease of use. Our spring loaded, stainless steel gate hold backs with rests support your gates no matter how you haul. Elite researches components ensuring that they will provide longevity, safety and reliability.

The proof of our component quality is shown in older Elite trailers. When comparing other brands, look at trailers 5 years or older, you will see that the Elite trailer is still as sound as the day in was built. Look closely at how other brand's components have held up. You might be surprised! Elite uses only name brand tires that have been picked based on history of reliability and safety. When comparing Elite to the competition, you will see we do not cut costs by using under capacity or inferior tires! Our trailers are engineered with accurate weights that give the customer the piece of mind that they can safely pull the trailer with the added weight of tack (including Living Quarters), horses, livestock and additional options.


All Elite built doors are engineered with heavy duty, proprietary extrusions and constructed to allow for a maximum seal.

Drop Bars

Elite built drop down bar mechanism is machined to allow ease of use. Independence from the drop down door allows for simple use.


Elite utilizes LED interior and exterior clearance lighting in all wiring harnesses. All wiring connections are plugs or are soldered and covered with heat shrink material.

Horse Dividers

With multiple divider types, the Elite divider is built with designed extrusions that give it maximum strength.

Bulkhead Wall

0.090" thick smooth sheets welded on to our heavy duty wall posts.

Lining and Insulation

With 4 tiers of protection, Elite trailers provide the protection from horses and livestock kicking and pawing, and helps to prevent sidewall damage and exterior dings.


Marine grade carpeting is used in the tack room and other applications to assure a long life.

Axles and Tires

Elite uses Dexter Rubber Torsion Axles and name brand tires. Our trailers are engineered with accurate weights that provide proper axle and tire size based on the total weight of the trailer and it's contents, including Living Quarters.


Elite's proprietary, heavy duty, extruded hinge is used for doors and dividers. This hinge is fitted with a brass fitting that lubricates and allows for a tighter fit with the stainless pin. This hinge is welded to the structure to give us the strongest hinge possible.


Elite only uses HEHR windows. Available in many sizes and types, you can rest assured that they will be installed, worry free.

Saddle Racks

The Elite built carpeted saddle racks are designed to hold a large variety of today's saddles, no matter the weight or size.

Wall Rubber

The wall rubber in our trailers is corded rubber matting that is able to absorb impacts that would damage lesser made inferior products.

Fit and Finish

With over 20 years of experience in building premium horse and livestock trailers, no other manufacturer combines the engineering expertise and structural integrity with the component quality, fit, and finish of an Elite Trailer.

Elite goes beyond our competition with fit and finish. The welds throughout the trailer are unmatched. Components are sanded or tumbled to provide a smooth touch without edges. In areas where caulk is used, it is applied to coordinate the product and done with great care not to take away from the trailer appearance. All trailers go through a multi-point inspection throughout the production process to insure quality. Our quality assurance program extends to the tack and dressing rooms which are thoroughly inspected for leaks before the trailer is called complete.

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