Stock Trailers

Sample images are shown in various trailer sizes with additional options and features.
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Stock Trailers

Standard Trailer Features

Sample images are shown in various trailer sizes with additional options and features.

Stock trailers can range from a small bumper pull to a large double deck gooseneck. With a huge array of options to choose from, this is the most versatile stock trailer around. The stock area can be designed with adjustable gate rails and a side ramp for our customers that show cattle, pen systems for those that show small livestock or custom gate location for ranchers with cow/calf operations. We can build from standard floor plans, or customize the trailer to suit your specific needs.

Regardless of the size of trailer that you choose, Elite Stock trailers are designed with both animal and human comfort, and safety in mind. Functional designs with the customized features you want for yourself and your animals. With a wide range of options, Elite can build a trailer that suits your specific needs.

From a distance, most trailers look alike; at Elite we invite you to look closely at our trailer to discover The Elite Difference.

Stock Trailer
  • 2-5/16" Adjustable Coupler with Safety Chains and Breakaway Kit
  • Full Length Side Slats with Two Air Spaces and Natural Smooth Sheets
  • Single Speed Jack
  • 8' Long, 2' Tapered Nose
  • Rubber Torsion Axles with Electric Brakes
  • Radial Tires with Steel Wheels
  • Escape Gate (Streetside or Curbside)
  • Drop Down Calf Gate at Nose
  • Center Gate
  • Marine Grade Aluminum Treadplate Floor
  • 7 Way Plug and Wiring
  • LED Turn Signal at Rear
  • LED Dome and Clearance Lights
  • Recessed Exterior Light Switches
  • Full Width Rear Gate with 1/2 Slide and Pipe Hardware

Stock Trailers

Popular Trailer Options

Stock Trailer
Air Conditioner
  • 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner with Heat Strip
  • 13,500 BTU Low Profile Air Conditioner with Heat Stip and Thermostat
  • Frame for Air Conditioner
  • Frame and Pre-wire for Air Conditioner
  • Domestic 2 Step Awning
  • Ridewell Semi Style Air Ride
  • STI Cargo Max Air Ride
  • EZ Lube Axles
  • Oil Bath Axles
  • Block Axles 2" and Lower Fenders
  • Taper Inner Fenders
  • Brush Fenders
Battery and Boxes
  • Single Battery Box
  • Dual Battery Box
  • Electric / Hydraulic Brakes
  • Electric / Hydraulic "Disc" Brakes
Clothes Rods
  • Clothes Rod (5 Feet)
  • Clothes Rod (5+ Feet)
  • 2-5/16" Fulton Cable Release
  • Kingpin Coupler on Inner Pipe
  • Access Door in Nose of Gooseneck (Front or Sides)
  • Full Width Split Centergates with Outside Release
  • Double Deck
  • Swinging Calf Gate
  • Treadplate Floor in Gooseneck
  • Split Escape Gate
  • Double Deck Rails
  • Full Width Rear Gate with Roll Up Gate
  • Double Deck Floor Boards
  • Full Width Rear Gate with Split Roll Up Gate
  • Breaker Box, (1)110v Outlet and Shore Plug
  • Shore Power Cord, 30amp or 50amp
  • Additional 110v Outlet
  • Voyager IR Color Camera Systems
Exterior Skin
  • Mill Finish (Natural) Exterior Skin (Standard)
  • Polished Rear Corner Posts and Rear Header
  • Pre-Painted White Exterior Skin
  • Pre-Painted Black Exterior Skin
  • Pre-Painted Gray Exterior Skin
  • Pre-Painted Red Exterior Skin
  • Custom Painted Exterior Sheets
  • Stainless Nose Sheet
  • Stainless Nose and GN Side Sheets
  • Polished Slat
  • Polished Fenders
  • Polished Top Rail
  • Polished Bottom Rail
  • Polished Door Frames and Flush Mount
  • Polished Drop Gussets
  • 2" Air Space Above Fenders
  • Additional Air Spaces
  • Removable Filler Slat
  • Hinged Slat to Cover Air Gap
  • Corrugated Treadplate Floor
  • High Grip Flat Treadplate Floor
  • High Grip Corrugated Treadplate Floor
  • Full Width Traction Bars
  • Toe Board
  • Add Footage to Stock Area
  • Delete Footage from Stock Area
Gates (Calf or Nose)
  • 2 Swinging Gates with Permanent Post in Nose
  • Swinging Calf Gate
Gates (Center)
  • 1/2 Slide Gate Inside Center Gate
  • 1/2 Swing Gate Inside Center Gate
  • 3/4 Swing Gate Inside Center Gate
  • Full Swing Gate Inside Center Gate
  • Additional Center Gates (and Settings)
  • Slide Rail for Center Gates
  • Make Center Gate Slide Between Fenders (Slide Rail Gate Only)
  • No Step 1/2 or 3/4 Swing Gate Inside a Center Gate (Slide Rail Gate Only)
  • Run Center Gate at Slant (With Stock Trailer Slam Latch)
  • Slam Latch on Swing Gates on Slide Rail
  • Flow Thru Bars Top of Center Gate (Replaces Slats and Air Gaps)
Gates (Escape)
  • Make Standard Escape Gate Wider (37" to 50")
  • Sliding Escape Gate (Slides on Outside of Trailer)
  • Add Single Pipe Hardware to Escape Gate
  • Frame and Seal Escape Gate
  • Additional Escape Gate
Gates (Rear)
  • Full Width Rear Gate (No 1/2 Slider)
  • Full Width Rear Gate with Roll Up Gate
  • Double Rear Gates with Double Pipe Hardware
  • Exterior Safe Load Spring Load Slam Latch (For Full Width Rear Gates)
  • Double Swing Full Width Rear Gate with Double Pipe Hardware (Gates will Open Streetside or Curbside)
Hay Rack
  • Hay Rack with Aerodyne Nose and Tie Rails
  • Enclosed Haypod with Aerodyne Nose
  • 6' 6" (Standard), with Options to Increase Height in 6" Increments (6' Height is Available)
  • Bridle Hooks Welded on Bar
  • Spring Loaded Jack
  • Single 2-Speed Jack
  • Dual Single Speed Jack
  • Dual 2-Speed Jacks
  • Hydraulic Single Leg Jack
  • Dual Hydraulic Jack
  • LED Hight Turn on Rear
  • Additional LED Clearance Lights
  • LED Running Lights on Bottom Rail
  • 3/4" LED Button Lights
  • Clear Lens LED Clearance or Button Lights
  • Backup Lights
  • LED Turn Signals Mounted in Fender
  • LED Turn Signals Mounted in Slats
  • Halogen Load Lights
  • Halogen High Intensity Load Light
  • LED Load Light (1042 Lumens)
  • Porch Light
  • Flush Mount LED Scene Load Light (2500 Lumens)
  • Add Standard LED Dome Lights (390 Lumens)
  • LED 6" x 18" Dome Lights (880 Lumens)
  • LED Dome Light Place Under Nose
  • Recessed Lighted Sign for Nose (Lettering Not Included)
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • WERM Flooring
  • Chute Rack on Side of Trailer
  • Pane Rack on Side of Trailer
  • Water Tanks
  • Water Tank with Pump
  • Waterers
  • Misters
  • AM/FM/CD with Inside, Outside and Stock Area Speakers
  • V Nose
  • Enclose Under Nose with 3 Doors
  • Raise Standard Drop Height from 49-1/2" to 52-1/2"
  • Enclose Under Nose with Roll Up Door
  • Enclose Under Nose with Full Width Lift Door with (2) Access Doors in Lift Up
  • Paint Top Rail
  • Paint Coupler
  • Paint Top Rail and Bottom GN Rail
  • Paint Landing Gear and Handle
  • Paint Drop Gussets
  • Paint Bottom Rail
  • Paint Rear Corner Posts and Rear Header
  • Paint Door or Ramp
  • Paint Smooth Sheets
Pens and Accessories
  • Adjustable Pens (50/50 and 60/40)
  • Split Pens
  • Add 12" Height to Standard Pens
  • Low Latches on Pen Gates
  • Feeder Bracket Rods
  • 60/40 or 50/50 Removable Pens with Removable Full Height Posts
Plexiglass and Track
  • Plexiglass (Sides)
  • Plexiglass Storage Under Gooseneck
  • Plexiglass and Track (Rear and Escape Gates)
  • Plexiglass Track Only (Rear and Escape Gates)
  • Plexiglass Storage in Gooseneck
  • 48" Tall Spring Loaded Rear Ramp
  • 52" Tall Spring Loaded Rear Ramp
  • Full Height Spring Loaded Side Ramp
  • Insulate and Line Roof and Top Rail (Natural Aluminum)
  • Insulate and Line Roof and Top Rail (White)
  • 8" Fold Up Camper Step
  • 12" Fold Up Camper Step
  • Step Cleats
  • Welded Trailer Ties (Inside)
  • Bolted Outside Ties
  • Inside Tie Rail
  • Outside Tie Rail (Polished or Unpolished)
  • 6" Butterfly Vent
  • Lunar Dome Roof Vent
  • Two Way Roof Vent
  • Vent in Drop Wall with Hinged Cover
Wall Lining
  • Rubber, Double Wall and Insulate Stock Walls
  • Stainless Steel Simulators
  • Alcoa Aluminum Wheels
  • 7' (Standard), 7' 6", 8', 100" and 102"

Stock Trailers

Standard Trailer Components

Rear Gates
The heavy duty, full width rear gate is standard with 1/2 slider and steel anti rack hardware. The 1/2 slider utilizes nylon bushing for easy slide, reducing friction and minimizing any wear that is normally seen on conventional roller style gates.
Side Escape Gate
The side escape is built to be durable and easy to use. The escape gate can be placed at multiple locations, streetside or curbside and can be optioned up to 50" in width.
Interior Gates
Interior gates are built with commercial applications in mind. The gates are available in multiple types featuring Elite's dual locking slam latch mechanism with inside and outside releases. These gates and latches are designed with ease of use and durability in mind.
Elite's proprietary, heavy duty, extruded hinge is used for doors and gates. This hinge is fitted with a brass fitting that lubricates and allows for a tighter fit with the stainless pin. This hinge is welded to the structure to give us the strongest hinge possible.
Elite utilizes LED interior and exterior clearance lighting in all wiring harnesses. All wiring connections are plugs or are soldered, covered with heat shrink material.
Axles and Tires
Elite uses Dexter Rubber Torsion axles with electric brakes and name brand tires. Our trailers are engineered with accurate weights that provide proper axle and tire size based on the total weight of the trailer and it's contents including living quarters.

Stock Trailers

Structure and Construction

Aluminum Side Wall Construction
6005 T6 aluminum alloy posts with 8" posts at the drop wall, 5" x 1-3/8" at door and gate openings, and 1-3/8" x 2-1/2" on all other side wall structure posts. The exterior, 6063 aluminum interlocking extruded slat is .125" in thickness. The joints for the interlocking slat allow for a weld surface of up to 2" on the side post. Elite's tongue and groove slat is designed to accept a smooth aluminum sheet, allowing for better seals, and reducing the chance of leakage. Selected for its excellent corrosive resistance, Elite's exterior sheets are 3004 aluminum alloy with a H291 temper and a thickness of up to .063".
Drop Gusset
Welded one-piece gusset with a thickness of 3/16" adds structure to provide maximum nose strength.
Rear Frame
The rear frame is supported by a 2-1/2" x 5" upper header of up to a 1/4" thick. Elite utilizes multiple rear frames side posts that are specifically designed for strength. For added strength, the rear frame side post is integrated through the floor into the bottom rail. The rear frame side posts are machine cut to provide a clean, precise fit allowing for a stronger welded structure, resulting in better fitting doors, improved seals, and less noise.
Roof Construction
The Elite roof is constructed with 1" x 2-1/2" posts that are strategically placed to ensure the maximum strength based on the size and needs of the trailer. The posts are arched to keep water from standing on the roof, producing a taunt roof sheet, allowing more head room in the center of the trailer. Elite's one piece roof sheet is made of 3003 H16 aluminum and at .040" thick is 25% thicker than the roof sheet used by most other manufacturers.
Bottom Rail
With a height of 9-3/4" and a thickness of 3/16", Elite's bottom rail is one of the biggest in the industry. This engineered extrusion blends structural strength with an attractive appearance. The extrusion is built with an integrated lip that allows the running board to lock in place.
Drop Wall
With a thickness of 3/16", our drop wall is the heaviest in the industry. Engineered with a break on top and bottom, adding strength and allows for a cleaner weld area to insure against leaking.
Elite's floor structure consists of aluminum I-beams on 9-5/8" centers. The I-beam is 4" in height with an upper 3" flange that is welded to the floor and a lower 2-1/2" flange that is welded to the bottom rail. Elite utilizes a 5086 marine grade, aluminum treadplate floor on top of the structure to provide longer lasting protection against corrosive factors such as livestock urine. The seams and perimeter are welded to add strength and insure against leakage.
Top Rail
Elite uses a 5" radius rail with an overall height of 8" with a material thickness of 3/16". Elite integrates a drip rail to help control streaking. Die lines add to the look while functioning as a guide for uniform placement of fasteners and lighting. Elite uses a continuous top rail piece on each side from front to back, resulting in a stronger, more attractive structure that multiple piece structures used by other manufacturers. The top rail is sanded after production to provide a uniform look and smoothness.

Stock Trailers

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Stock Trailers

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Stock Trailers

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Stock Trailers

Stock Trailers

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*Interior Company, Specifications & Options may vary based on Dealership


Available in multiple widths, lengths and heights and multiple hauling styles, from slant and straight load models, box stall and reverse loads, Elite Trailers can build a trailer to meet your particular needs.

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